Creative Uses for Cheap Promotional Mugs

Promotional merchandise is a great way to get your company’s name out there and increase your customer base. There are so many different items you can choose for a promotional product, but one of my favourites is the promotional mug. Why is this such a great choice? Nearly anyone will be happy to receive a new mug and will use it regularly. They are also very inexpensive to order in bulk, but still, have a very high-quality look and feel to them. However, there are more ways to use a promotional mug than to sip coffee or tea out of it. Here are some creative ways to use your awesome new promotional mug.


Use it to store pens and pencils on your desk.

Everyone knows that pens and pencils have a sneaky way of disappearing. By having a designated place to put them, they will be much less likely to get lost. Mugs are a great place to put your pens and pencils. You can have them out on your desk instead of in a drawer, which makes them easier to find. Mugs also look nice among other knick-knacks on your desk.

mugsUse it to hold toothbrushes or makeup brushes in your bathroom.

These are two items that are always difficult to find a home for, so why not use a mug to store them? By keeping them brush end up in a mug, they will be much less likely to get dirty than if you lay them flat. If you use it to store your toothbrush, you will also conveniently have a cup to rinse your teeth with after brushing. If you use it to store your makeup brushes, you can also use the mug as a place to soak them when they get dirty.

Make mug recipes.

You will be surprised at just how many recipes you can make in a mug. Just from a quick online search, you will find mug cake, mug cookies, mug scrambled eggs, and much, much more. If you want to make a quick, one-person meal, just grab a mug from your cupboard. The great thing about these recipes is that they don’t get dishes dirty, they can be made easily and quickly, and they are great choices for a snack.

prommugsTurn them into candles.

If you are into crafts, you can use a mug to make a candle. You can find recipes for candles online, and just pour the mixture into the cup. Mugs are a great container for candles, because ceramic is fireproof, which will keep it safe.

There are many great uses for promotional mugs beyond just drinking bottles. This is why cups make such an excellent choice for promotional products.


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