My Expertise

My name is Samantha Bullington, and I am an experienced and highly knowledgeable business coach. Throughout my career, I have worked with a very diverse array of companies, and I am comfortable developing brand growth strategies for companies of all sizes and industries. Although I am based in the UK, I can provide my services to companies around the world through email and web consultations.

I realize that each company’s situation is unique, and I work with all of my clients individually to help develop solutions that they are happy with. However, here are just a few of the many services I can provide to boost your company’s brand recognition, and ultimately increase your business.

–    Before we develop a long-term marketing plan, I can help you evaluate your brand’s current reputation and manage any negative ideas associated with your company. For many smaller businesses, it can be very difficult to change the way consumers view your brand once you get your name out there. We’ll start by developing a high-powered, short-term strategy to change existing ideas of your brand.

–    I can help you develop essential visual elements for your company, such as a logo and other design elements. Small details such as the fonts you use on your website and products can go a long way towards making your brand more recognizable and professional. I have connections with many graphic designers and artists, and we can all work together to create a visual representation of your company that is just as amazing as you are.

–    I offer expertise in social media marketing. No matter what industry you work in, being involved in social media is so important. It helps you to develop a close relationship with your customers, which humanizes your brand and makes you more appealing. There are many different basic social media sites that you should have a presence on, and you should also use niche sites as well.

–    Although I cannot provide these services myself, I can help you find web designers and SEO experts to create a high-quality website that is representative of your brand. Many companies don’t realize just how important a good website is. Many consumers today judge a company by the quality of their website. You and I will collaborate with web experts to create a page that you truly love.

–    I also have significant expertise in promotional product marketing strategies. Sometimes it’s not enough to connect with your customers online – you need some tangible outreach as well. A promotional product is a great way to bridge that gap.

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